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Dr. Mark Dilworth

Dr. Mark Dilworth’s entire life is centred around animals and their welfare. As a Kahu to many cats and dogs over the years, including an array of clinic cats, he also appreciates the importance of, and the sacrifice that comes with, being a guardian to your animal. 


Presently, Mark and his partner Dave have seven dogs, and the walls of their home are covered with photos of their previous dogs. While they also love cats (and have been Kahu to three beautiful cats over the years), they find special joy and fulfillment in taking on dogs with behaviour issues or perhaps health concerns, that might be considered unadoptable or otherwise in need. Their most recent family member is Lynn, a cocker spaniel with neurological issues, who they welcomed after a dear client of Mark’s passed away.


His love of animals was evident at an early age. As a high school student, Mark worked at the OSPCA and when he graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College, he returned to the OSPCA as a veterinarian when they opened the first head office in Newmarket. During this time he also worked at a 24-hour veterinary hospital and an emergency clinic. 


In university, he helped open WildCare (a wildlife rehabilitation centre) and worked as the clinic coordinator/wildlife rehabilitator for many years. (His parents could regale you with many stories of wild animals living briefly in their home when they needed overnight care!)


Mark is truly committed to all aspects of animal welfare. At his previous clinic in the Beaches, where he worked for almost 20 years, he created an adoption program so that unwanted animals that crossed his path as a veterinarian  did not have to end up at a shelter. Gigi, AJ, Friday, Pepper, Jewels, Lucky, Vicki and Lynn were all first patients with Mark before they became his family.


He is presently serving his second 3-year term on the Board of the Toronto Humane Society. In 2017, the Toronto PWA awarded him a Friends of the Foundation Award for Outstanding

Corporate Support as part of his work with people with HIV/AIDS and their family pets.

Mark has also been privileged to receive other recognition for his work with animals. In 2014, the OVMA honoured him with the OVMA Award of Merit for his work in helping rescue and

rehabilitate animals in need, in part based on nominations from his clients. In 2015, Mark was a finalist for the PetPlan Veterinarian of the Year based on his impact on veterinary medicine and

commitment to providing an exceptional level of care to animals. Mark and his animal hospital have also been featured in a variety of online publications and recognized with numerous reader awards, including from the Toronto Star.


His commitment to welfare and the well being of others goes beyond animals. In 2009, Mark and his partner became guardians to an unprotected minor considered by the UN to be an urgent protection case. This remarkable young man lived with Mark and Dave for four years as he graduated high school, before he went on to graduate from the University of Toronto with a B.Sc. Although Saif passed away in October 2022, the impact his presence in their lives has had on Mark and Dave will never be forgotten.


Kahu Animal Hospital represents a special opportunity for Mark, based on his years dedicated to animal welfare, to design and operate a veterinary hospital that is entirely focused on animals

and their guardians. He looks forward to connecting with the community surrounding Kahu Animal Hospital and sharing what his vision looks like for an animal care clinic that will define what it means to provide accessible, high quality, patient centred services.


He couldn’t be more excited to work with you and those for whom you are Kahu! 

Dr Mark Dilworth and pup
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